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Monthly Archives: November 2016

5 Major Themes to Turn Career Colleges Around

Professionals working in the higher education industry like to use acronyms. There seems to be one for everything, especially for higher education conferences. But what can we say? They make our life easier and website links shorter. As for us at Norton Norris Inc., if you can name an acronym used by a higher education […]

November Tales from the Trail: First and Worst Impressions

Everything changes:  seasons, years, technology and people. When change comes, it is not always easy to face – it can be a mix of excitement and fear. This isn’t different for prospective students; they’re about to make an incredible transformation, choosing a new school that will help define their life and career. They have great […]

First Impressions Count! How to Improve your Campus Appearance!

As kids, most of us were taught: “Don’t judge a book by its cover.” However, appearance can mean everything when it comes to marketing your school. Don’t get us wrong: Your website is certainly important! However, while you’ve been paying attention to your digital presence or other marketing mediums, you may have forgotten about the […]

7 Steps That Every School Should Implement to Improve Results

With enrollments declining and budgets shrinking it is understandable that nonessential expenses be trimmed, cut, or completely slashed. However, you must be careful when deciding what is “nonessential.” And Mystery Shopping definitely is not on that list. Join us for a review of some shopping wins that we have witnessed, and then continue on and […]