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Why Free College is a Bad Idea

On Wednesday, January 3, the New York Times reported that Governor Cuomo was following the lead of Oregon and Tennessee and unveiling a proposal to make public college free to New York residents under a specific income level – with one twist. Unlike Oregon and Tennessee, which make a two-year education at the community college […]

First Impressions Count! How to Improve your Campus Appearance!

As kids, most of us were taught: “Don’t judge a book by its cover.” However, appearance can mean everything when it comes to marketing your school. Don’t get us wrong: Your website is certainly important! However, while you’ve been paying attention to your digital presence or other marketing mediums, you may have forgotten about the […]

5 Reasons Why Inquiries Are Decreasing

The Case of the Mysterious Vanishing Inquiry First of all – you have witnessed this phenomenon already. If you work at a school or college that is enrollment driven – and if you compare inquires received year over year – you have already noticed the decline. But instead of stepping back and watching what is […]

Back to Basics: Importance of a Second Appointment

Back to Basics:   Importance of Second Appointment Vince Norton, January 2016 While our talented enrollment solution professionals are busy helping admissions teams and our creative department is rolling out clever collateral our mystery shopping personnel shared some staggering statistics last month.   2 out of three prospects leave their interview without a follow up visit […]

Mystery Shopping Tales From the Trail

A compendium from the College Mystery Shopping Crew Volume One – December 2015 While crossing the country, from California to Maine and Florida to Seattle, our teams of evaluators execute thousands of assessments each year at schools, colleges and universities.  While on the road, our mystery shoppers encounter some interesting things!  We share these to […]

Norton Norris: Higher Ed’s Best Friend

All of us have people that we enjoy being with — friends, family, and even pets can bring tremendous joy to our lives each and every day. Friends are great. You can watch movies, talk on the phone for hours, hit the town, and grab lunch or dinner with them pretty much whenever you’d like. […]