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Higher Education Admissions

Is College Worth It?

  Let’s face it. With staggering debt, a substantial time commitment and no promise of gainful employment, is a college education worth it? Deciding on going to college or even finding the right college depends on how one actually defines value, doesn’t it? For some, the value of a college education can come in the […]

Think Automated Admissions is a Fad? Think Again!

For many Americans, technology has become a consistent presence in our lives. We use it to connect with people, see what’s happening in the world, shop, and get information. Given the versatility that technology offers in our lives, it seems natural to apply technology to automate processes and procedures to help us become more efficient […]

5 Major Themes to Turn Career Colleges Around

Professionals working in the higher education industry like to use acronyms. There seems to be one for everything, especially for higher education conferences. But what can we say? They make our life easier and website links shorter. As for us at Norton Norris Inc., if you can name an acronym used by a higher education […]

November Tales from the Trail: First and Worst Impressions

Everything changes:  seasons, years, technology and people. When change comes, it is not always easy to face – it can be a mix of excitement and fear. This isn’t different for prospective students; they’re about to make an incredible transformation, choosing a new school that will help define their life and career. They have great […]

Welcome to the World of Pre-Enrollment Advising

Recently, Dr. Jean Norris and I hosted a webinar, “Goodbye Admissions Interview – Hello P.E.A.,” that explored the idea of updating the traditional admissions approach by incorporating pre-enrollment advising (P.E.A.). During the webinar, Jean and I discussed how the role of the admissions professional has evolved and continues to change, especially given the climate in […]

For-Profit vs. Non-Profit Mindsets in Higher Education

The recent purging of for-profit career colleges such as Corinthian, Westwood, Sanford Brown, and Marinello Beauty Schools has certainly grabbed the headlines. And now the possible demise of for-profit higher ed giant ITT begs us to question the mindset that all colleges operating under a for-profit vs. non-profit tax status are somehow evil. Whether we […]

How Pond Scum Drowns Innovation in Higher Education

It starts innocently enough. You’re at a conference hanging out with colleagues and one asks you for your opinion on the future of the higher education sector. With zeal, you express your ideas, the data that supports them and the next big product you’re going to launch. The evening ends with respectful goodbyes until the […]

Mystery Shopping: July Tales from the Trail

This summer is off to a hot start…almost as hot as the topic of institutional accreditation! It’s important for representatives to understand and accurately represent the school’s accreditation, including the full name of the accreditor and what exactly being accredited means. From our trail stops, we’ve learned that prospective students are all too often given […]