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Mystery Shopping Assessment

April Tales from the Trail: Fun with Smartphones

Students that are part of the younger generation really like to use their smartphones – for everything besides phone calls! Since it can be difficult to reach students on the phone, admissions representatives should be working to engage in ways that are most comfortable for them. In our trail travels, we’ve come across more than […]

March Tales from the Trail: How much will this cost?

The million (well, thousand) dollar question. The question almost every prospective student will ask when they visit your college…is your Admissions team prepared to answer it? Even at schools with access to professionally printed tuition sheets and expertly designed collateral to hand out, our covert evaluators continue to find representatives who have a hard time […]

4 Things your College Admissions Team is Probably Missing

You may have already heard about the vastness of our travels by diligently following our curiously entertaining blog Tales from the Trail, but in case you haven’t yet discovered it, you might be unaware of our ongoing journeys from sea to shining sea.  You also may not know that we have quite a variety of […]

7 Steps That Every School Should Implement to Improve Results

With enrollments declining and budgets shrinking it is understandable that nonessential expenses be trimmed, cut, or completely slashed. However, you must be careful when deciding what is “nonessential.” And Mystery Shopping definitely is not on that list. Join us for a review of some shopping wins that we have witnessed, and then continue on and […]

Mystery Shopping: Fall Tale from the Trail

Fall has just started, and the new season is already painting our trails in beautiful autumn colors. As we travel the country making our visits, we’re witnessing the passing of summer and the weather getting colder. Unfortunately, not everything we find is as magical as autumn leaves and pumpkin spice lattes! During our travels, we’ve […]

Mystery Shopping: September Tale from the Trail

Every good in-person interview should include a tour of the campus. It’s an invaluable chance to more casually interact with the visitor and showcase the facilities and technology. Even in online/phone interviews, there’s an opportunity to introduce prospective students to the online classrooms, which is a great way to answer questions about the platform and […]

Mystery Shopping: July Tales from the Trail

This summer is off to a hot start…almost as hot as the topic of institutional accreditation! It’s important for representatives to understand and accurately represent the school’s accreditation, including the full name of the accreditor and what exactly being accredited means. From our trail stops, we’ve learned that prospective students are all too often given […]

Mystery Shopping: June Tales from the Trail

Tales from the Trail: June — Warmer weather was upon us in most (but not all!) of our travels this past month and we unfortunately faced a number of uncomfortable situations! Our typical admissions interviews will include information about the school, program, curriculum, and facilities. Conversations eventually turn to taking the next step in the […]

Mystery Shopping Tales from the Trail: May

Mystery Shopping: May Tales from the Trail — Ever wished you could be a fly on the wall during your competitors’ admissions interviews?  Prospective students now have access to more online information than ever before and teams of virtual and in-person representatives eager to help them enroll.  Prospective students no doubt compare each school, beginning with […]