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March Tales from the Trail: How much will this cost?

The million (well, thousand) dollar question. The question almost every prospective student will ask when they visit your college…is your Admissions team prepared to answer it? Even at schools with access to professionally printed tuition sheets and expertly designed collateral to hand out, our covert evaluators continue to find representatives who have a hard time […]

First Impressions Count! How to Improve your Campus Appearance!

As kids, most of us were taught: “Don’t judge a book by its cover.” However, appearance can mean everything when it comes to marketing your school. Don’t get us wrong: Your website is certainly important! However, while you’ve been paying attention to your digital presence or other marketing mediums, you may have forgotten about the […]

Mystery Shopping: July Tales from the Trail

This summer is off to a hot start…almost as hot as the topic of institutional accreditation! It’s important for representatives to understand and accurately represent the school’s accreditation, including the full name of the accreditor and what exactly being accredited means. From our trail stops, we’ve learned that prospective students are all too often given […]