April Tales from the Trail: Students Love Paper Materials – Even in the Digital Era

There’s nothing easier for a college admissions representative than grabbing a USB memory stick, handing it to a prospective student, and sending them home with all of the information they could possibly need… But are students leaving with digital materials that they can’t even use? In our travels, we’ve been noticing that quite a few schools have jumped at the

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Why Free College is a Bad Idea

Why Free College is not a Good Idea! On Wednesday, January 3, the New York Times reported that Governor Cuomo was following the lead of Oregon and Tennessee and unveiling a proposal to make public college free to New York residents under a specific income level – with one twist. Unlike Oregon and Tennessee, which make a two-year education at

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Bad News – Beware of Buying Education Leads from Vendors

I’m not sure when lead vendors surfaced in the educational vertical. Was it before or after insurance and mortgage? Or was it around the same time when “credit repair” and “work from home” offers started surfacing. Maybe it was in the late ‘90s after Google and search engines gained traction. At any rate, their inception and early years aren’t important.

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January Tales from the Trail: Defrosting Icy Admissions Interviews

As we’ve watched the temperatures here in our beloved Chicago go from ridiculously frigid to reasonably frozen, we’ve seen plenty of representatives with demeanors just as chilly as our trademark wind! From snarky compliance answers to refusing to provide ANY information during phone interviews, we’ve seen a flurry of bad-mannered behavior. We totally get it here at Norton Norris –

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Why SEO Needs to be Part of the Digital Marketing Mix

Search engine optimization. SEO. It’s important because it helps you make the most of your web presence by drawing more traffic to your website. SEO is paramount to the success of your digital marketing. You want your business to be one of the top search results when internet users enlist the help of search engines to find what they’re looking for

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Digital Marketing Trends to Shake up 2018

A look at the digital marketing trends poised to shake things up in 2018 The one constant in life is change. It may be an old and somewhat overused cliché, but that doesn’t make it any less true. And in a world where marketing and marketing-related initiatives are being shaped by digital technology at a pace that couldn’t have been

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October Tales from the Trail: Eclipsing Noncompliance

Did you know that compliance best practices drop by 35% during a solar eclipse based on our studies? Well, not really! But we sent out a staggering amount of exception reports this quarter, all of which just happened to align with the eclipse. From grumpy FA reps to overly aggressive admissions reps, everything was just a little bit crazier this

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August Tales from the Trail: We’re Not Ready to Enroll!

We’ve noticed along the trail that a variety of tactics are used to encourage prospective students to enroll. We go into every interview expecting representatives to be focused on building relationships, answering questions, and highlighting the great things the school has to offer. Most of the time, that’s exactly what happens! We’ll have a great interview, full of valuable information

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Virtual Training – A Natural Progression

Taking Acclaimed EnrollMatch® Admissions Training Virtual When convenience, affordability, and substance come together, powerful things happen. At Norton Norris, we’ve known that for a long time. It’s that principle that has driven many of our efforts over the years to deliver the highest quality solutions to the schools and higher education professions with whom we partner in a way that

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Is College Worth It?

Let’s face it. With staggering debt, a substantial time commitment and no promise of gainful employment, is a college education worth it? Deciding on going to college or even finding the right college depends on how one actually defines value, doesn’t it? For some, the value of a college education can come in the form of self-development. The sheer opportunity

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