5 Reasons Why Inquiries Are Decreasing

The Case of the Mysterious Vanishing Inquiry First of all – you have witnessed this phenomenon already. If you work at a school or college that is enrollment driven – and if you compare inquires received year over year – you have already noticed the decline. But instead of stepping back and watching what is really happening, you’ve probably circled

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Career Education Admissions Symposium – June 8th

Career Education Admissions Symposium – June 8th, following the APSCU 2016 Annual Conference Join us on Wednesday, June 8th from 11:00am to 4:30pm for the Career Education Admissions Symposium in Orlando, FL. REGISTER NOW! ONLY $250 (INCLUDES LUNCH) Space is limited! Call 312-262-7433 or email APSCU members can register online to receive a special discount. 3 Perspectives. 1 Goal.

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New NortonNorris Webinar – 5 Ways to Improve Compliance & Customer Service in Admissions & Marketing

We are posting the full, hour-long version of our recent webinar on improving compliance and customer service in your Admissions and Marketing efforts. Norton Norris’s Compliance & Training team brings decades of real-world experience to the project of making sure that Colleges engage with prospective students in a way that is honest, ethical, and within the guidelines set by current

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Norton Norris: Higher Ed’s Best Friend

All of us have people that we enjoy being with — friends, family, and even pets can bring tremendous joy to our lives each and every day. Friends are great. You can watch movies, talk on the phone for hours, hit the town, and grab lunch or dinner with them pretty much whenever you’d like. But your BEST friend? Your

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