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Learning & Development Consultant, Iowa
An engaging and informative experience that was filled with “AH-HA” moments right and left. It helped me to see a more effective and powerful ways to help students.
Admissions Representative, Santa Ana, California
Life Changing!

When it comes to EnrollMatch® (EM) admissions training, our participant’s comments, like the ones above, tell the story. Our master facilitators take participants on a journey to discover personal and professional opportunities to reach more students. Along the way, they tend to discover truths about themselves that inspire renewed energy, improved performance, pride and resourcefulness.

It’s no wonder thousands of EnrollMatch® participants have seen improvements in key performance metrics, employee retention, student satisfaction and student persistence. Just check out our national study.

Licensing and Coaching

Keep in mind that even the best training program in the world doesn’t matter if it isn’t integrated into your school/college system correctly. This is why our seasoned team of coaches is here to help!

Following the workshop, you have the option to walk away with new skills to use individually OR to license the program for full implementation at your school/college.

How does licensing work?

EnrollMatch® is a copyright protected and trademarked program. In other words, we have spent years researching, developing, perfecting and proving the success of this program. Of course we want to protect our intellectual property but we also want to make sure schools are using the program as intended to stay compliant and achieve goals.

An active license provides an organization with authorization to use the program and we’ll provide the guidance and tools to assist. For maximum effectiveness, we recommend a campus/system license along with a Train-the-Trainer (T3) license. These are both renewed on an annual basis.

Your EnrollMatch® campus/system license provides access for your entire admissions team to:

  • The Student Empowerment Approach (SEA)™ ~ An EnrollMatch® eLearning Series. This ten-module course focuses exclusively on the Student Empowerment Approach (SEA) with step-by-step instructions on how to conduct this approach with your prospective students. The modules are delivered in one of the most engaging, fun, and entertaining platforms available and include activities, videos, assessments, and even live discussion forums to keep the learning going!*
  • Video on how to conduct an effective admissions interview
  • Webinar library with dozens of reinforcement lessons
  • NEW webinars added each quarter based on your input (custom available)
  • Quarterly newsletters with tips on marketing, admissions and student retention.
  • Updates based on regulatory changes and best practices to keep EM dynamic!

Today’s students have differing preferences and whether you work with them in the classroom, student services, career services, financial services or other departments on campus, it’s important to know how to adapt. This ½ – 2-day seminar takes participants on a journey of self-discovery to learn about communication preferences, strengths, and opportunities to connect with students and colleagues. This high-energy workshop is sure to get your entire campus inspired to serve students to a higher degree AND provide the necessary skills to make it happen!

EnrollMatch® begins with a 2 or 3-day interactive workshop covering topics including:

  • Understanding today’s student
  • Historical sales models
  • Communication preferences
  • Barriers to listening
  • New tools for success
  • Opportunities in higher education admissions
  • Student Empowerment Approach™
  • Relationship building skills
  • Key competencies for success
  • Change management
  • Cultural alignment
  • Questioning types and framework
  • Exploring student fit
  • Empowering students
  • Advanced Admissions Professional (AAP)™ Profile View Full Article
  • Coaching and counseling techniques
  • Best practices in presentation and tour
  • The Five Factors of Fit™

AND More!

Note: This training program has been reviewed and approved by regulatory counsel, the Dunn & Davison Law Firm, for consistency with accrediting and federal admissions related standards.

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Upcoming Events

Join us at Norton | Norris headquarters in beautiful downtown Chicago for an EnrollMatch® workshop or contact us to deliver at your location! This is a great opportunity to:

  • Enhance your individual skills
  • Preview EnrollMatch® prior to adoption
  • Refresh your skills if you are a former EnrollMatch® participant
  • Work toward your Senior Trainer Certification if you are a current EnrollMatch® trainer

Upcoming workshop dates:

April 22-24, 2020
July 22-24, 2020
October 21-23, 2020

Come see what all the buzz is about! To register, please click here or call us at (312) 262-7402.

What Participants are Saying about EnrollMatch
Campus President, North Brunswick, New Jersey
The interactive presentation provoked thought and participation. This was one of the most effectively organized presentations that I have attended.
Campus President, Long Beach, California
EnrollMatch was exactly what our admissions team needed to meet and identify the need for potential students in today’s competitive and rapidly changing workplace. The tools and techniques will help us to transition from a sales organization to a customer service driven organization.
Systems Director of Admissions Training & Development, Wisconsin
It was inspiring, interesting, informative, and just what we need as an organization! I can’t wait to roll this out to our admissions teams and see the changes in our organization.
Learning & Development Specialist-Online Admissions, California
The training was refreshing and eye-opening. It did a lot to open our minds to learning and taking on a new approach. This process is not just effective at work, but in all aspects of our daily lives as long as we exercise our awareness. You made me love what I do even more, with purpose and ambition to change the belief. Thank you.
Regional V.P., Phoenix, Arizona
Fantastic workshop that provides reps/DOA’s with many tools to succeed in today’s environment. Presentations were engaging and fostered learning through self-discovery.
Learning & Development Specialist-Online Admissions, California
The workshop is heavily guided by research and scientific data. This comes through both in the content and delivery method. I was surprised and very pleased with the pace, content and delivery by both facilitators.
Admissions Representative, Long Beach, California
It was a real eye-opener and it really made me take a look at my current style and how I can implement it in my personal and professional life.
Admissions Representative, Clearfield, Utah
Everything learned could better someone day to day regardless of what they do or where they work. It was an eye-opener full of things I probably wouldn’t have ever learned.
Admissions Advisor, Wisconsin
It’s an adoption of mentality on how to approach people. Presentations give you tools that you’ve been looking for to achieve goals with preserving your personality while making it of value for the client. The goals were always there, we just didn’t have the tools. Plus I feel it brought us all a bit closer as a team.
Director of Admissions, Cherry Hill, New Jersey
The workshop gave me a clear understanding of how students have changed and what we need to do to engage them. The new tools will allow me to be a better leader – now that I have clear tools and direction to be successful.
Director of Admissions, Salinas, California
Excellent workshop! We learned techniques that we can use immediately. Our staff is excited about using the new tools and the new approach.
Admissions Representative, Clifton, New Jersey
A wonderful experience that will take you to a new world of questions with answers that will open you up to new ideas and give you new tools of success for your future in admissions.
Associate Director of Admissions, Wisconsin
The workshop was fantastic. The presenters used their personalities and strengths well to make it interesting, enjoyable, fun, and it was not only organized, but they used different ways to help us learn (VAK). It helped to clearly explain and use multiple tools before making us role play. You always encouraged questions, never put anyone down, and were consistent the whole way. Great use of time, space, and our energy.
Learning & Development Specialist-Online Admissions, California
This program gives a fresh, new and effective way to approach the new generation of students, that has yet to be addressed. I recommend it to anyone who works or serves any population that needs to affect change in their lives.
Admissions Representative, Cherry Hill, New Jersey
Absolutely Wonderful! I gained a lot of knowledge and tools that I can use immediately. The workshop put everything in perspective with a new twist on effective interviews-and to just keep it simple. Loved it!
Admissions Representative, Santa Ana, California
The best and most interesting training that I have ever participated in. Loved it.
Director of Admissions, Aurora, Colorado
In one word- WOW. I knew we needed a change in our process, however I did not realize how outdated our approach really was. The training was very energetic and intriguing. I am extremely passionate about what we do every day and with your help I am also much more confident. Thank You!!!
Admissions Advisor/High School Presenter, Salinas, California
The workshop was fascinating! The information presented is comprehensive and links directly to the psychology of understanding the students we work with. The facilitators are awesome with high energy, positive attitude, and experience to share with our admissions team! I’ve already been using the tools and they work!
Admissions Advisor, Wisconsin
The Student Empowerment Approach is fantastic! This allows us to do what we do best, which is communicate! This also allows us to be ourselves and create a better experience and environment for the student to be heard and understood.
Director of Admissions, Tarzana, California
EnrollMatch allows people the opportunity to enhance their knowledge and exercise new formulas in both personal and professional life. I feel more empowered as a result of this training.
Admissions Representative, Phoenix, Arizona
I walked in a scared cat and left with the confidence of the king of the jungle. Greatest training I’ve received. This training not only makes me a better admissions rep, but a better person.
Tell me about your Train-the-Trainer Program (T3)

Our facilitators can’t be with you at all times, so we offer a Train-the-Trainer (T3) program to prepare you or your internal training staff with the knowledge, skills, and materials to retrain, reinforce and on-board new employees. Your licensed EnrollMatch® trainers must have a valid license, successfully complete the workshop, pass webinar assessments, and perform a teach back. Licensed trainers receive the following to assist them in successful implementation:

  • Trainer’s Kit including a 500+ page training manual
  • PowerPoint slide library
  • Posters
  • Trainer-specific webinar library
  • New content added each quarter
  • 4 hours of integration planning and coaching including review of metrics and materials for seamless roll out and proactive intervention
  • EnrollMatch® Licensed Trainer Credential to use in signature/business cards/promotion
  • Change management coaching
  • Best practices in facilitation coaching
  • Ability to order EM training materials
  • Access to Advanced Admissions Professional Profile (AAP) Assessment (additional fee applies)

Check out what a recent trainer-candidate had to say about the Train-the-Trainer experience.

“I don’t think anyone would question how nervous I was when I found out I was going to have to present in front of people to roll out the Enrollmatch® system. I was sick to my stomach the entire week and the days leading up to it.

The reason that I’m sharing this with you is really to tell you how unbelievable the Norton Norris facilitator has been. He has been supportive, patient, and extremely helpful by spending extra time outside of training to give me tips on how to engage the audience, how to change the way I present the information if they are not grasping the concepts, and most importantly, gave me confidence in myself that I never would have imagined having.

I’ve studied hard, practiced, and had the opportunity to implement those things this week. I feel like an entirely different person with a new strength. I’m loving every bit of this training! I can’t tell you the last time someone has taught me something so valuable and invested this much time in me and helping me grow.
Thank you for this opportunity. What a gift.”

-Melissa, Systems Enrollment Operations Specialist