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My Guidance Coach

Pre-Enrollment Advising

Leave it to Norton|Norris to create a New Category to fill a vital gap in recruiting today’s student.

MyGuidance Coach® (MGC)* is a legally endorsed, pre-enrollment advising software designed to assist prospective students in decision-making BEFORE they enroll in college.

Let’s face it. Prospective students are empowered through technology to research and gather information without reaching out to your admissions department. That’s right. They don’t need to call; they don’t need to schedule an appointment; and they certainly don’t need to show up at your campus. In other words, they are moving through the buying cycle without you!

So how can you be included in their decision-making process in a meaningful way? With MGC, you can now engage your prospective students with 24/7 access to a virtual coach that guides them to the appropriate fit via a strategic questioning algorithm within a proven counseling framework.

The MGC student journey is modeled after the proven EnrollMatch® Admissions training program and provides the ability for prospective students to experience an admissions interview/coaching session from their smartphone, tablet or desktop computer. They can explore their interests, research career options, proactively identify and resolve potential challenges, review customized school resources, complete an application, upload enrollment documents, apply for financial aid, go on a virtual tour, complete a Career Action Plan, and MORE. Of course, MGC offers the ultimate in flexibility so your prospective students have the ability to connect with a member of your admissions team when needed. And don’t worry. You can see where a prospective student is in their journey from your very own dashboard.

Is MGC Right For My School?
  • A majority of leads/inquiries are lost before they even step foot on campus (i.e. won’t answer the phone; won’t set an appointment and don’t show up for their appointments).
  • Prospective students expect 24/7 service and access to information.
  • Improving ROI begins with cutting expenses in admissions while maximizing performance.
  • CRM systems don’t offer a proven coaching/advising process.
  • Schools and colleges have spent hundreds of millions of dollars to defend misrepresentation charges and settle lawsuits as a result of staff errors.
  • A majority of admission professionals are not trained on coaching/counseling strategies to assist students.
  • Student retention starts in admissions!
What MGC Solves
  • Works in partnership with your admissions team to increase “shows” and enrollments
  • Provides a proven coaching service to expand your offering and provide a point of difference in the marketplace
  • Identifies and engages prospects with custom (and compliant) information and resources before they even inquire. **
  • Provides a proven method to coach prospective students in uncovering meaningful insights and problem-solving to determine fit and impact retention
  • Allows for customization of color scheme, logo, resources and college/program information to compliment your process and branding.
  • Creates a seamless coaching process from admissions through graduation
  • Offers immediate ROI by adding to your staff resources while minimizing overhead
  • Protects your school from possible misrepresentation with consistent, compliant materials given to prospective students**
  • Provides CRM-enhancement to integrate with current systems to enhance the prospective student experience, improve conversion metrics, and enhance compliance.
Other MGC Features
  • Pre-programmed with “nudge” e-mail communications to keep prospective students moving forward
  • Feeds detailed information gathered during the coaching process over to your CRM
  • Provides administrator dashboards to collect meaningful data and monitor prospective students in progress
  • Training and integration planning provided to maximize performance
  • Delivers immediate and easy set up with a safe, cloud-based solution – No hardware!
  • Custom version available for schools using an admissions process other than EnrollMatch®
Take a Look

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What Students Say About MGC
The Raise Your Hand feature is cool. I like that I can get help how and when I want it.
I like that it is available on my schedule.
I am considering my options as I plan to transfer, and this looks like it is a great tool.
I was interested in an online school but after I asked one question, they began to harass me by phone every week.
The introduction is to-the-point. Unlike many ‘free’ websites, I do not feel like I am getting tricked into something.”
It takes something that can be complex and scary and makes it clear and step-by-step.
I like that it is free!
There is a lot of material here that I would have to search for otherwise.
I like the one-stop shop. Having all of the resources in one place saves a lot of time.
This would be a great tool even once you were enrolled to keep track of things like scholarships and bus schedules.

Learn More About MGC

Sounds Great! Now What?

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Our Story

Perhaps you’ve heard about us from our years of speaking and writing about the future of college admissions. With a team that offers a collective 114 years working behind the desk at colleges and universities, we’ve learned a lot. We’ve presented to high school students in crowded auditoriums and at college fairs; we’ve met with their parents and spouses; we’ve worked side-by-side with prospective students; we’ve been part of the team with other admission professionals and faculty; we’ve also stressed over meeting enrollment goals start after start and year after year.

For the past 14 years, we’ve been on the consulting side of the desk. This has allowed us to focus on our passion and help colleges and universities across the country secure more enrollments (and retain their students).

MyGuidance Coach® (MGC) actually began as an idea in 2004 when Dr. Jean Norris realized the traditional admission approach showed diminishing returns. Not only were compliance demands increasing but the buying cycle of students was changing. Technology was playing an increasingly important role in how students researched schools and colleges as well as how they wanted to engage on their own terms. Through the years, schools and colleges struggled to make their once proven systems work in this new world. The results were dismal. The government launched one of the most devastating attacks on the private, for-profit college industry while community colleges struggled to meet the needs of a changing consumer. Traditional colleges and universities also saw students as a consumer who began to question the value of a college degree. These were hard times.

To support the admissions profession and meet the needs of today’s student, MGC was born as a win/win solution. Technology may be the preference for some prospective students and yet others still prefer the good old-fashioned face-to-face or voice-to-voice conversation. MGC is designed for ultimate flexibility by working seamlessly with admission professionals (and others) to move the student towards their goal.

Whether you work in the private or public sector, one goal seems to be constant. Today’s student’s require new approaches to help them select the right college or university and admission professionals deserve innovative solutions to support their efforts. Welcome to MGC!

*Patent Pending
** MyGuidance Coach® has been reviewed and approved by experienced regulatory counsel for consistency with regional and national accreditation standards, United States Department of Education misrepresentation rules, and TCPA rules.