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Driven By Results

At Norton Norris, we approach admissions training and marketing solutions head on, giving colleges and universities the expertise to exceed goals.

From concept to copy, production and placement, you’ll find a level of expertise and creativity that delivers the best possible results each and every time.
Mystery Shopping
Imagine truly being able to understand what your prospective students experience when they visit your school. See what they see and hear what they hear – unfiltered!
My Guidance Coach®
Built by admission professionals and high school counselors, MGC provides prospective students with the ability to sort through the tough questions we all ask.
Training & Development
At Norton Norris, our admission training is informed by research, endorsed by legal counsel, aligned with best practices, and affirmed by proven methods.
Years Worked at Colleges and Schools
Mystery Shops Conducted**
Training Participants**

**Starting January 2010. Training participants only reflect those trained face-to-face by a Norton Norris facilitator.

Whether it’s training, admissions software solutions, mystery shopping, digital/traditional media production and placement or consulting, our products and services are proven and will deliver results you can count on.
Creative. Passionate. Knowledgeable. When you partner with Norton Norris, those are just a few of the characteristics you’ll see in our people. Ours is a seasoned team of professionals dedicated to delivering on their promises to you each and every day.

For nearly two decades now, Norton Norris has been offering a level of expertise, service, and affordability that’s hard to match. Our knowledge is deep. Our creativity cuts through. Our ideas are enduring. And our thinking is nimble and always focused on staying ahead of the curve. That’s our promise, to you.

Our Process

We practice “Appreciative Inquiry” and first seek to understand what is working; what is right; where are the bright lights; and then, how can this be expanded? We also know the best solutions in the world will fail if an organization can’t manage the change created. Using these guiding principles and our background in organizational development and change management, the real task at hand isn’t as much about knowing what to do for schools/colleges – that’s the easier part. It’s more about understanding the institutional culture in order to seamlessly integrate prescribed solutions to maximize your results. That’s where we shine!

Intrigue Strangers into Visitors

The new world of inbound marketing calls for innovative approaches to get prospective students to know you even exist. This can be done with a strategic mix of digital and traditional marketing. Check out our Marketing Services.

Engage Visitors into Inquiries

Once someone visits your online presence, why should they inquire? Have you earned their trust? What is your unique proposition that would entice them to take the next step? And do you offer flexibility in getting what they need to move forward? Check out our Marketing Services, Mystery Shopping and My Guidance Coach®

Convert Inquiries into Students

Great news! The prospective student has reached out and now all you need is an updated coaching process to help them make an informed decision about personal, programmatic, and institutional fit. Sound intriguing? Check out EnrollMatch® Admissions Training and My Guidance Coach®. A little Mystery Shopping can give you a competitive edge, too.

Amaze Students into Advocates

Once on campus, how can a school exceed expectations in a way that improves retention and delights a student? Don’t forget to invest in the people who work closely with these students each and every day! Great time for EnrollMatch® Essentials or a Custom Training Workshop.

Inspire Advocates to Promote

How do you inspire a student to become one of the most important parts of your marketing team? Over-delivering on your promises is a good place to start. This begins in admissions and is seamlessly carried through the entire student experience to help them realize their goals. Check out how EnrollMatch® and My Guidance Coach® get a student (and the school) started on the path to success.


Sarah K.
Financial Aid
Absolutely brilliant! While our Admissions and Financial Aid teams have been working well together up until now, you gave us amazing resources that will strengthen our group and take it to the next level.
Valerie P.
I have been with my organization for over 7 years and this has been without a doubt the best training I have attended. SUPER engaging trainers and they played off each other and the class very well. Absolutely WORLD class group and program.
Margot D.
School Owner
I think the training was extremely valuable! I have been in the world of education for 34 years and learned so much in 2 days. Will change some of the way I do business and approach students.
Deanna G.
Awesome, OMG!! I have a new fresh perspective on coaching and training my staff. I’ve been waiting for a while for something new and refreshing!! Thank God it’s here!! Jean and Shannon did a great job keeping us engaged, on track and equipped. Thank you both.
It was absolutely amazing, fun, and exciting. Took us out of our comfort zones at times, but it is what we are here for – to learn and grow.
Angela A.
Financial Aid
Wow! Great energy and a lot of great information to help us connect with students and co-workers. I feel like it has given me a lot of information to take back and really dig into and also use in my personal life. The workshop helped me to better understand why I do the things I do with students and how I need to move to a new approach to connect with them.
Bailey C.
I love EnrollMatch! Not only was the information relevant and thorough, but it gave ways to apply it in our everyday lives. To touch other, to continue inspiring and learning powerful, positive impacts that put the fun back into my job!
Financial Aid
The workshop was filled with gold nuggets to inspire, motivate, and set you up to exceed and succeed in your roles – personally and professionally.
Heather W.
The quality and value of the workshop is awesome. We talked about a better student experience but I feel that we as admissions representatives will have a better experience as well. I really liked the approach, energy, tools and overall conversations that the workshop provided.
Kris E.
This was one of the best training workshops I have ever been involved in! Great job conveying a different way of thinking.
Brad M.
Associate Director of Admissions
Awesome! Hands down best admissions training I’ve ever attended! The program establishes an admissions process that encourages student ownership throughout the admissions cycle and turns admissions appointments into student enrollment and career success. Excellent program and facilitators. Thanks so much for sharing this information with me. I can’t wait to put it into practice.
LeAllen H.
Systems Enrollment Operations Specialist
A genuine, student-centric method and approach to planned success. The “magic” of the workshop is the ability to re-discover admissions concepts/actions and think about your traditional format in a totally different light. Emphasis on student empowerment.
Sarah H.
Director of Admissions
The experience was so enlightening. I am so excited to launch the new practice. Liz and Brian are amazing! Thank you so much.
Carolyn C.
This was an engaging and informative experience that was filled with “AH-HA” moments right and left. It helped me to see a more effective and powerful way to help students. If I were a student again, this approach would help me to see my goals as attainable versus pipe dreams. The CAP really gives the students the strength and ability to change their lives.
Andy K.
It was an eye-opening experience. Liz & Brian are great. The level of patience they demonstrate is amazing & watching them help people “get there” was really fun.
Bill Ojile
Partner, Armstrong Teasdale, LLP
Schools who do not embrace the changed realities of AGs, regulators and accrediting bodies’ expectations of the admissions process risk entanglement in investigations and lawsuits that could cost them millions of dollars to defend. There is little you can do about the past, but all schools should be taking immediate steps to reform and enhance their admissions practices for the new realities of today’s market. Tools such as MGC and mystery shopping can provide comfort to school leaders and objective proof to external parties of the school’s consistent, compliant and transparent admissions practices.

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