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Who We Are


Who We Are

At Norton Norris, our approach to providing admissions and marketing solutions to colleges and universities is driven by one thing—results. Results that inform. Results that inspire. Results that impact your bottom line.
It’s that simple.

Our Solutions

Whether it’s training, admissions software solutions, mystery shopping, digital/traditional media production and placement or consulting, our products and services are proven and will deliver results you can count on.

Our People

Creative. Passionate. Knowledgeable. When you partner with Norton Norris, those are just a few of the characteristics you’ll see in our people. Ours is a seasoned team of professionals dedicated to delivering on their promises to you each and every day.

Our Promise

For nearly two decades now, Norton Norris has been offering a level of expertise, service, and affordability that’s hard to match. Our knowledge is deep. Our creativity cuts through. Our ideas are enduring. And our thinking is nimble and always focused on staying ahead of the curve. That’s our promise, to you.

Our History

It was the late 1990s when Vince Norton and Dr. Jean Norris realized there was something missing in the world of college admissions training. Something big. While there were plenty of consultants specializing in long-range admissions strategies, there were few who offered the kind of practical, hands-on guidance and training that would impact day-to-day conversions of prospective students. And none of them worked with both proprietary and not-for-profit institutions.

So in 1999, Norton l Norris was born.

With established, successful careers in higher education admissions and marketing, Vince and Jean began offering training and consulting in Tactical Enrollment Management®, guiding traditional and proprietary schools to measurably improved results. Their extensive experience as senior-level administrators provided admissions teams at schools across the country with a solid foundation and the tools they needed to show results. And that’s exactly what they did.

Today, Norton l Norris has evolved into a full service agency offering a wide range of exceptional services including media production and placement, mystery shopping, EnrollMatch®Admissions Training and My Guidance Coach® software.