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MyGuidance Coach®

MGC is a patent-pending, cloud-based software enabling prospective students to progress through a proven coaching process 24/7. Designed with input from admission professionals, life coaches and high school counselors, MGC provides prospective students with the ability to sort through the tough questions including:

What are my career goals?

Is college for me?

What program might be the best fit?

Does this school have what I need?

MGC is designed to Intrigue and Engage prospective students who don’t require a face-to-face campus visit and/or prefer a self-serve approach to learning about your school with the option to reach out to a live admissions professional when ready. Ultimately, MGC converts Inquiries to Students while increasing referrals and retention by empowering students to engage on their terms. Administrator dashboards allow for ease of viewing prospective students in progress – even before they inquire!

In addition, MyGuidance Coach® has been reviewed and approved by experienced regulatory counsel for consistency with regional and national accreditation standards, United States Department of Education misrepresentation rules and TCPA rules.**

**Armstrong Teasdale, LLP

Adam, 24
Westminster College
I like the one-stop shopping. Having all of the resources in one place saves a lot of time.
David, 18
Temple University
The Raise Your Hand feature is cool. I like that I can get help how and when I want it.
Stephanie, 22
Arizona State University
There is a lot of material here that I would have to search for otherwise. It (MGC) takes something that can be complex and scary and makes it clear and step-by-step.