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Why Mystery Shopping is Important:

Getting Prospects To Your Campus is Expensive

Make sure Admissions gets it right!

Have you ever calculated your cost per interview?   It’s a metric that often gets overlooked.  At Nn we routinely see schools spending a minimum of $700 to generate a campus visit.  Often its much higher than that.

So what happens when a prospect hits the front door at your institution?  Are they greeted promptly?  Is the front desk even staffed?  Is the admissions lobby appropriately “merchandised” with success stories, information on programs and majors?  And how long does that precious prospect wait in the lobby?

Mystery Shopping offers valuable insight into all this and much more.  In fact, its what happens in that closed-door admissions office that worries most enrollment managers.  And that’s where Mystery Shopping pays big dividends!

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Learn What Really Happens in an Admissions Interview

Your campus truly enjoys points of difference with your competition.  But does your admissions team do a good job of articulating your unique selling proposition?  And what materials are utilized in the interview?   You may be shocked to learn that those nice folders and beautiful FAQ facts sheets never find their way into the prospects take home materials

Customer service and sales isn’t the only thing we measure during an assessment.  We’ll also provide feedback on essential compliance concerns including the conversation regarding tuition, financial aid, credit transfer, placement and salary stats.

When we’ve completed our thorough and objective review you’ll have a detailed report, with extensive ratings and comparisons that will help you benchmark your school’s performance to a masked national data set.

Our clients look forward to the recommendations we provide for improving the admissions and financial aid performance on both compliance and customer service.

Choose from ground evaluations, phone evaluations or customized studies to meet your specific needs.

Compare Data Over Time to Measure Improvement

Your accrediting agency will love this!   With regular Mystery Shopping you can track data over time and demonstrate continuous quality improvement.  Creating a culture of compliance and improvement is enhanced with reports in hand.  Check out this success story →.

We have partnered with Nn since 2014. The feedback Nn obtains through mystery shopping sessions with our admissions team assists our admissions leaders in determining training gaps and ways to ensure that students have a positive and informative admissions experience.
Kate Osio, Ed.D.
Compliance Officer, Spartan College of Aeronautics & Technology
Having insight into what really happens in the admissions interview is vital to our success. We are committed to a consistent admissions approach at our 40 locations — and without regular mystery shopping I wouldn’t have the visibility that I need. The reports I receive from Norton | Norris provide me with both aggregate and individual data points that I can use for ongoing coaching, training, and improvements. I’ve used other providers for this service during my 20-years in the sector and by far, Norton | Norris delivers the best results.
Shibu Thomas
Executive Vice President, Ross Medical Education Centers