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College Mystery Shopping

College Mystery Shopping

Imagine truly being able to understand what your prospective students experience when they visit your school. See what they see and hear what they hear – unfiltered!

How Mystery Shopping Works

Each year, we conduct thousands of mystery shopping visits at campuses across the country. Our trained evaluators provide an in-depth look into your admissions and financial aid operations—including:

Key customer service data points (response time and follow up are just the beginning)

Essential compliance concerns including the conversation regarding tuition, financial aid, credit transfer, placement and salary stats.

When we’ve completed our thorough and objective review you’ll have a detailed report, with extensive ratings and comparisons that will help you benchmark your school’s performance to a masked national data set.

Our clients look forward to the recommendations we provide for improving the admissions and financial aid performance on both compliance and customer service.

Choose from ground evaluations, phone evaluations or customized studies to meet your specific needs.

Andy V.
The training was refreshing and eye-opening. It did a lot to open our minds to learning and taking on a new approach. This process is not just effective at work, but in all aspects of our daily lives as long as we exercise our awareness. You made me love what I do even more, with purpose and ambition to change the belief. Thank you.
Bridgett B.
This workshop is very innovative and gives a sense of empowerment not only for the student but the advisor too. The value is awesome!!
Pita C.
Financial Aid
Incredible workshop! Learned tools I can adapt professionally and in my life. I feel that my knowledge has been reinforced and empowered by new tools and a new outlook on my approach.
Kairyn H.
Director of Admissions
I thought the workshop was very well done and would highly recommend it to any school that wants a fresh, exciting, and efficient new approach to boosting enrollments. It made us work as a team, think outside the box, dig deeper, and plan for change. Very insightful.
Darrin S.
The workshop was informative and exciting. Offered a lot of useful information and gave insight on a new approach for our industry. I feel it will be very effective and useful.
Bill Ojile
Partner, Armstrong Teasdale, LLP
Schools who do not embrace the changed realities of AGs, regulators and accrediting bodies’ expectations of the admissions process risk entanglement in investigations and lawsuits that could cost them millions of dollars to defend. There is little you can do about the past, but all schools should be taking immediate steps to reform and enhance their admissions practices for the new realities of today’s market. Tools such as MGC and mystery shopping can provide comfort to school leaders and objective proof to external parties of the school’s consistent, compliant and transparent admissions practices.