What it’s all about: The Rewarding Experience of Facilitating Learning

Some people have jobs. They go to work, slog through the day, and collect their paychecks every two weeks. Others have careers; they aspire to make a difference in the lives of others, one at a time, while ultimately striving to make an impact on the world. Thankfully, I fall into the latter description. The reason is because my work encompasses facilitating.

It’s extremely rewarding to see someone casually stroll out the door of our training/facilitating with a smile on their face after initially walking in with a scowl. We’ve held sessions for people who were hesitant, unwilling, and even a little scared. Still, every single person who’s walked through our doors has held a positive outlook by the end of the final session.


Here are some excerpts that I’ve found to be among the most fulfilling:

  • “Life Changing!” – Sam, an Admissions Representative from Santa Ana, California
  • “An engaging and informative experience that was filled with “AH-HA” moments right and left. It helped me to see a more effective and powerful ways to help students.” – Whitney, a Learning & Development Consultant from Iowa
  • “It was very engaging. It was fun and it was exciting to come every day. It made me think outside of what we were usually doing. I even use it in my personal life.” – Lauren, an Admissions Representative from Kansas City, Missouri
  • “I believe this was one of the most effective and enjoyable training sessions that I’ve done. It was relevant to what the company is looking for and gave me a new perspective on my duties.” – Liz, an Admissions Representative from Springfield, Illinois
  • “AMAZING! ENGAGING! INCREDIBLE!” – Natalie, an Admissions Representative from Arlington, Texas
  • “The workshop exceeded my expectations. The presenters were very engaging and informative. The workshop set me up for success!” Terrent, an Admissions Representative from Ardmore, Texas


As I look back at these quotes I get a feeling of elation knowing that I have positively impacted someone’s life in one way or another. And when people ask me what I do for a living I say, “I change people’s lives. What do you do?”

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