Every good in-person interview should include a tour of the campus. It’s an invaluable chance to more casually interact with the visitor and showcase the facilities and technology. Even in online/phone interviews, there’s an opportunity to introduce prospective students to the online classrooms, which is a great way to answer questions about the platform and ease potential concerns about the class structure and format.

In our thousands of phone and in-person interviews using College Mystery Shopping, we encounter tours of all kinds. A good tour guide takes the prospective student on a one-on-one tour and highlights the areas they’ll be using as a student. Watching or sitting in on a class session has been found to be a tremendously engaging addition to the visit, and gets the prospective student excited about attending.

Sometimes on our tours along the trail, we see some interesting sights, such as these:

The door to the room had a “No Ass Kissing” sign complete with a visual.

On the tour, we made stops at the criminal justice classrooms, medical labs, the library, student lounge, and faculty offices.  The campus was a little chaotic because the students and faculty had brought a pig to campus in order to fulfill a bet.

At one point during the tour, Andy’s pants were sagging to the point that his underwear was on display, which I did not feel was professional.

Taking visitors to classrooms and lab areas is always a good idea. Pointing out the equipment and technology used by students are strongly encouraged, though there are times we’ve wondered about what is highlighted. See what you think about this:

While on the tour, Sharona pointed out a “little man” mannequin and said twice that it was “ergonomically correct” and pointed out the “little peepee”.

Safety, of course, is first. We’ve been on MANY tours so far and have found that one attribute of a great tour is that no one is injured. As engaging as a campus experience can be, we always recommend looking out for obstacles such as in this case:

He seemed like he was trying to be extra professional because he was training a new representative.  At one point during the tour, Stew was talking to the new representative and walked into the metal door frame. 

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