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Second Annual Admissions Symposium Unveils Exciting Opportunities in Career Education Admissions

The second Annual Career Education Admissions Symposium was held Tuesday, June 5, 2017, as a pre-conference workshop at the Career Education Colleges and Universities (CECU) Annual Convention in Las Vegas, Nevada. The event was generously sponsored by Norton Norris, Inc. and gave leaders and experts in higher education the opportunity to share their insights into the admissions.

The Role of the Admissions Office in Restoring Public Trust in Career Colleges

The attacks on the career college sector have created widespread public distrust and scrutiny of career colleges all over the Country. In this article, Dr. Jean Norris takes a look at how admission professionals can be a catalyst for regaining public trust and play an integral role in advancing the career college sector.

Higher Ed and Hollywood Wine

The focus on higher education quality, outcomes, value, affordability and access dominates the headlines these days. Enough data has been thrown around to prove or disprove any position and yet the answer is obvious to those not directly embroiled in the battle. Let us look at the facts that all sides can most likely agree upon.

“In her article below titled Higher Ed and Hollywood Wine, Dr. Jean Norris takes a look at the facts that all sides will most likely agree upon. We were honored to have her speak at this year’s Best Practices and Business Conference in Hollywood, FL.  Her research, articles, and interviews can be found in many well-known publications serving the sector.” – Dr. Joe Pace Chairman of The Board – Global Education and Performance Psychologist, The Pacific Institute.

Career Education Admission Symposium Reveals New Truths and Exciting Direction for the Profession

Shannon Gormley discusses the event that brought together high school counselors and professionals working in and for career colleges and community colleges to understand the similarities and differences each share in serving students looking for alternative paths to higher education.

Advising for Fit: The Common Thread Between School Counselors and College Admission Professionals.

Helping high school and non-traditional students map out a meaningful plan for their future is a responsibility for both high school counselors and college admissions professionals.

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Turning Strangers into Students (and Advocates) – Part 1

Recently, a former school owner and advocate of career colleges stated, “The timing on the recovery of the for-profit sector is in direct correlation to fixing the problem in admissions.”

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Turning Strangers into Students (and Advocates) – Part 2

In this second part of our series, we’ll share what we have learned to date (including some surprises) and new areas of investigation that will define the next phase of our study.

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Turning Strangers into Students (and Advocates) – Part 3

In the third and final part of our study, “Turning Strangers into Students® (and Advocates),” we’d like to return to the traditional sales funnel that served as a catalyst for this entire study..

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Improving Admissions Performance by Focusing on APPS

It can be difficult to have a conversation about improving admissions and recruitment performance without first acknowledging that the job is not what it used to be..

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Improving Admissions Performance by Focusing on APPS – Part 2 of 4

You probably already realize the significant role an admissions professional plays in your organization. One only needs to ask a student about the special relationship they formed with that first person they met at your school to confirm that statement.

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Improving Admissions Performance by Focusing on APPS – Part 3 of 4

When you think about successful admission professionals, one thing stands out – they have to be good at working with people. Yes, some possess natural talent in this area, but how do you define People Skills?..

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Improving Admissions Performance by Focusing on APPS – Part 4 of 4

Perhaps you have heard the saying, “Attitude is Everything,” and this holds true when examining the four key competencies for admissions success..

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It’s Your Turn to Spin – Recruitment & Admissions in 2014

As a kid, did you ever play the game of “Life”? We remember always choosing the college route over getting a job right out of high school. Everything we’d learned from popular culture meant that we just knew college would pay off in the long run..

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Pawns or Professionals – The 21st Century Admissions Counselor

Dr. Jean Norris discusses the role of the 21st-century admission counselor by drawing upon her research that measured the moral judgment of admission professionals at for-profit and not-for-profit schools and universities in the U.S.

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The Future of Admissions: Connecting with a New Generation

Dr. Jean Norris discusses the need for colleges to change their outdated admissions practices in order to engage today’s technologically-savvy students and to embrace the opportunities presented by this new generation.

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Do You Manage or Lead?

Dr. Jean Norris writes about leadership and managing roles in the latest “Beauty Link” magazine.

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The New Advanced Admissions Professional Profile

An interview with Dr. Jean Norris, Managing Partner, Norton Norris, Inc. and Amy Hrabak, Solutions Manager, Wonderlic, Inc.

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The Future of College Recruitment

Even the non-profit colleges/universities are eager to learn how to connect with today’s students in new ways! Check out Dr. Jean Norris’s recient article.

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Mixing Generations in the Classroom

Dr. Jean Norris writes about Mixing Generatations in the Classroom in the latest “Beauty Link” magazine.

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Admissions Training Strategies

Career Education Review interviews Dr. Jean Norris about Nn’s own admissions staff training program, including the four key skill sets that make strong admissions professionals. She states, “I think what we’re looking at in this new paradigm is people who don’t need a script, but who can make judgment calls along the way to make sure that they’re both ethical and effective.”

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Moral Reasoning

In light of the 2010 GAO report that accused career colleges of fraudulent and unethical behavior, Dr. Jean Norris discusses her dissertation research on the moral judgment of admissions representatives at for-profit and not-for-profit colleges and universities in Career College Central. Dr. Norris believes that it’s time to share the findings and recommendations of the national study to combat the “evidence” against career colleges.

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