Connie Esparza


Mystery Shopping: June Tales from the Trail

Tales from the Trail: June — Warmer weather was upon us in most (but not all!) of our travels this past month and we unfortunately faced a number of uncomfortable situations! Our typical admissions interviews (using our College Mystery Shopping) will include information about the school, program, curriculum, and facilities. Conversations eventually turn to taking the next step in the

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Mystery Shopping Tales from the Trail: May

College Mystery Shopping: May Tales from the Trail — Ever wished you could be a fly on the wall during your competitors’ admissions interviews?  Prospective students now have access to more online information than ever before and teams of virtual and in-person representatives eager to help them enroll.  Prospective students no doubt compare each school, beginning with that first phone call,

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Mystery Shopping: Spring Tales from the Trail!

Mystery Shopping Tales from the Trail Spring is starting to bud! As seasons go, the name ‘spring’ can be misleading when (depending on where you call home) spring days are sprinkled with rain, chances of snow or sleet and furnaces running. How deceiving!   Just as April showers bring mayflowers, misrepresentations bring misunderstandings.  In our trail travels, we find a

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Mystery Shopping: March Tales from the Trail

Throughout the year, we know campuses have a multitude of events, from open houses to orientations to staff meetings.  While these important occasions are going on, prospective students still need attention!  We’ve found that schools handle these circumstances in a variety of ways, including refusing to accept appointments and turning away walk-in visitors.   What can happen when a visitor

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Mystery Shopping Evaluator Tales from the Trail

Though Valentine’s Day has passed, love still lingers in the air for our Mystery Shopping evaluators!  Our team of evaluators is traveling the country at this very moment, talking with representatives in one-on-one meetings.  While a strong admissions representative knows that building rapport is critical to understanding the unique needs and circumstances of a prospective student, they can sometimes cross

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