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November Tales from the Trail: First and Worst Impressions

Everything changes:  seasons, years, technology and people. When change comes, it is not always easy to face – it can be a mix of excitement and fear. This isn’t different for prospective students; they’re about to make an incredible transformation, choosing a new school that will help define their life and career. They have great […]

Mystery Shopping: Fall Tale from the Trail

Fall has just started, and the new season is already painting our trails in beautiful autumn colors. As we travel the country making our visits, we’re witnessing the passing of summer and the weather getting colder. Unfortunately, not everything we find is as magical as autumn leaves and pumpkin spice lattes! During our travels, we’ve […]

Do’s and Don’ts of Effective Inquiry Attribution

In our last blog post, we touched on the challenges of attributing sources to inquiries. Data is king, but there are other – subtler – elements that must be incorporated to make final marketing decisions. The goal of attribution is to report accurately the financial return of any marketing communication. Seems simple enough: Track all […]

6 Challenges of Inquiry Attribution

In the “old days,” lead reporting looked something like this: A TV spot ran, a prospective student called a tracking phone number, and someone at the campus worked the lead and then added a tally mark on the white board to keep track of total leads. Technology has evolved over the years, changing everything we […]