Taking Acclaimed EnrollMatch® Admissions Training Virtual

When convenience, affordability, and substance come together, powerful things happen. At Norton Norris, we’ve known that for a long time.

It’s that principle that has driven many of our efforts over the years to deliver the highest quality solutions to the schools and higher education professions with whom we partner in a way that works best for them.

And the latest example of this mission is one of the biggest and most exciting to date.

We’ve gone virtual with our industry-leading EnrollMatch® Admissions Training (EM).

First, let’s talk about the substance.

Long-recognized as one of the most respected admissions training programs in the country, EM is at the leading edge of creating better informed prospective students and better-informed admissions professionals.

As anyone who’s worked in the higher education arena knows, more often than not the single most important choice factor for students is “fit.” For years, EnrollMatch® has empowered admissions professionals with the training to understand and decipher the differing preferences of today’s students so that, together, they can achieve that fit.

It begins with seminar training that can range anywhere from a half-day to two full days, and from there is strengthened by custom workshops, webinars, discussion forums, eLearning programs, Train-the-Trainer (T3) options, and ongoing consulting with comprehensive reports.

That’s kind of a long-winded way of saying EnrollMatch® works. It has earned all of the acclaims it’s received. And it’s the first and only admissions training program that’s been reviewed and approved by regulatory counsel for consistency with accrediting and federal admissions related standards.

But don’t just take it from us.

“After a thoughtful review of the training workshops and materials, our firm endorsed this program for alignment with all national and regional admissions related standards,” said Ron Holt, an education legal expert.

Now, about convenience and affordability.

It’s no secret that institutions of higher education across the country are in the midst of major budget constraints and enrollment shortfalls. Public universities continue to see cuts in state funding, and enrollment shortages at private colleges and universities that rely on tuition revenue are leading to cuts in faculty, staff, and program offerings.

Now more than ever, administrators need to find ways to give their admissions departments every advantage they can in terms of their effectiveness in recruiting incoming classes.

So, given the realities that we know schools are dealing with, it only makes sense to remove as many barriers as possible for schools seeking the exceptional offerings of our admissions training.

That’s exactly what going virtual with EnrollMatch® will accomplish.

“It was a natural progression,” said Dr. Jean Norris, managing partner at Norton Norris, Inc. and the primary developer of the training program. “Given the advanced nature of the content and pace, it was important for our team to see the participants and adjust their delivery in the moment. We also stand behind our results so we had to make sure each participant walked out of that room a changed person.  At the same time, the expense of travel and pulling employees away from their jobs for a few days can be a barrier.”

By offering virtual and hybrid models for the delivery of EnrollMatch® training, schools won’t have to incur the expenses associated with sending their admissions teams away, or the loss of productivity while they’re out.

With this endeavor, we’re essentially meeting them where they’re at by offering more affordable and convenient access to the training program, without compromising even a hint of the quality that’s always been associated with it.

“EnrollMatch is a solid, proven program with ongoing support long after the initial workshop,” said Joe Sallustio, seasoned EM trainer and vice president of marketing and enrollment at National American University. “It’s exciting to know the eLearning, discussion forums, coaching, and reinforcement training will still be available. And now we have an additional method to support our efforts for those who prefer the live, virtual option.”

And with the EM’s Train-the-Trainer (T3) program also being delivered virtually and through a hybrid model, more campus-based admissions professionals can earn a license to train their staff, help their team stay compliant, and make the most of their recruiting efforts and meeting the needs of their students.

“Our team is able to effectively onboard new employees, as well as provide ongoing learning and development,” said Wendy Olivieri, long-time EM trainer, and director of admissions at San Joaquin Valley College. “The live, virtual option allows campus-based trainers to work right alongside Norton Norris Master Facilitators. It’s fabulous.”


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