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Doing Damage Control on a Broken Student Loan System

Students who graduated from college in 2018 walked away with more than a diploma: 69 percent of them took on an average debt of $29,800. About 14 percent of parents also accrued student debt – to the tune of $35,600 in federal Parent PLUS loans. Well, getting a college degree ensures a good job, right? Not so fast. A report

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Norton Norris Names Dr. Tina Simmons as Director of Enrollment Solutions

CHICAGO, March 5, 2019 – Tina Simmons, Ed.D., recently joined Norton Norris Inc. as director of Enrollment Solutions. She has worked in the education sector for over a decade starting as a high school teacher. Her career expanded into guidance counseling, and she was most recently the director of admissions for the Illinois School of Professional Psychology in Chicago. “We’re

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Getting Referrals Takes Effort: Two Tips to Get You Started

Picture this scenario: You’re researching potential colleges and have two or three in mind. Costs are similar, and they all offer your preferred program. Any one of them would provide you with a good education, but one has been recommended time and again by friends and acquaintances who are already enrolled. That tips the scale, and you choose the one

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Virtual Training – A Natural Progression

Taking Acclaimed EnrollMatch® Admissions Training Virtual When convenience, affordability, and substance come together, powerful things happen. At Norton Norris, we’ve known that for a long time. It’s that principle that has driven many of our efforts over the years to deliver the highest quality solutions to the schools and higher education professions with whom we partner in a way that

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Is College Worth It?

Let’s face it. With staggering debt, a substantial time commitment and no promise of gainful employment, is a college education worth it? Deciding on going to college or even finding the right college depends on how one actually defines value, doesn’t it? For some, the value of a college education can come in the form of self-development. The sheer opportunity

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How Career Colleges Can Regain Public Trust (and Why It Matters)

You may have heard of the recent issues facing Volkswagen after it designed cars to cheat on tailpipe emissions tests. The bigger problem arose when company representatives blatantly lied about it. Writing in The New York Times, Danny Hakim observed: “The reaction to the scandal has been swift. A recent Harris Poll of Americans’ attitudes toward the 100 most visible

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5 Major Themes to Turn Career Colleges Around

Professionals working in the higher education industry like to use acronyms. There seems to be one for everything, especially for higher education conferences. But what can we say? They make our life easier and website links shorter. As for us at Norton Norris Inc., if you can name an acronym used by a higher education conference over the past few

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For-Profit vs. Non-Profit Mindsets in Higher Education

The recent purging of for-profit career colleges such as Corinthian, Westwood, Sanford Brown, and Marinello Beauty Schools has certainly grabbed the headlines. And now the possible demise of for-profit higher ed giant ITT begs us to question the mindset that all colleges operating under a for-profit vs. non-profit tax status are somehow evil. Whether we like it or not, there’s

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How Pond Scum Drowns Innovation in Higher Education

It starts innocently enough. You’re at a conference hanging out with colleagues and one asks you for your opinion on the future of the higher education sector. With zeal, you express your ideas, the data that supports them and the next big product you’re going to launch. The evening ends with respectful goodbyes until the next time. And then it

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Our Latest Career Education Review Article.

Check out the latest article in Career Education Review from Norton Norris’s own Shannon Gormley and Dr. Jean Norris. Click the link below and you will be taken to a PDF copy of the article that you can download for later reading (link opens in a new window). Advising for Fit: The Common Thread Between School Counselors and College Admission

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