All of us have people that we enjoy being with — friends, family, and even pets can bring tremendous joy to our lives each and every day.

Friends are great. You can watch movies, talk on the phone for hours, hit the town, and grab lunch or dinner with them pretty much whenever you’d like.

But your BEST friend?

Your best friend knows you better than you know yourself. They remain at your side through thick and thin, no matter the situation. The two of you just get each other in a way nobody else could really understand (or even want to understand).

Well, we have a best friend we couldn’t be any more proud of, Higher Education (or “Ed” for short).

Our team has known Higher Ed now over 114 years working in a variety of positions at schools and colleges. We’ve gone through the ups, the downs – the good days, and the bad days. Through it all, we came to learn that we loved Ed so much, we wanted to start working more closely together and help schools across the country.

That’s where Norton Norris comes in. Our organization was created to be the single greatest, most supportive friend we could be. Here’s a little bit about what we do for Higher Ed and our specific mutual friends within “Ed.”



Your Admissions staff is a vital cog in the Higher Ed machine. Why? It’s their sole purpose to ensure potential students are making the well-informed, correct choice to attend your school. With such a large weight placed on their shoulders, it’s important to determine just how well they’re performing – not just on conversions, but also with compliance.

That’s where our Assessment Team enters the conversation. Our national team of highly-trained evaluators work online and face-to-face to provide a detailed report on the admissions process from beginning to end. Their evaluation includes everything from attitude to compliance questions to follow up, and we even cater our surveys directly to our clients’ needs. This allows our clients to accurately assess their Admissions process and identify areas of need.



Training is closely linked to Assessment. As I mentioned above, it’s absolutely essential to have your Admissions team at the top of their game at all times. Our turn-key EnrollMatch® Admissions training brings your staff to a different mindset altogether. Our revolutionary Student Empowerment Approach™ seamlessly blends science, emotion, and even a bit of common sense.

We’ve seen campuses turn the ship in little to no time at all by using our techniques. To put it simply, our approach works, and it works well.


My Guidance Coach® 

Talk about taking it to the next level? Our innovative (and patent pending) software provides 24/7 access for students and admission professionals to engage in a proven coaching process. With the focus on an ethical sales process, improved student fit, and measureable outcomes, MGC is the future and it’s here NOW!



You know Marketing is critical, and so do we.

In fact, Marketing is our largest department, and we take pride in the tremendous turnarounds we’ve orchestrated for some of our most trusted clients. By utilizing SEO & inbound marketing techniques, we know how to stay on top of the digital world. We also understand the need for traditional media to create awareness and drive traffic to your digital properties.

Finally, we know that cost per inquiry and inquiry volume is just one measure. We believe strongly in shaping the inquiry pool to provide schools with the right mix of organic website inquires, adwords/PPC, PPL, television, outdoor and referrals.


Want to make a new friend? We’d love to chat. Give us a call at 312-262-7400 and ask for Vince or Jean or try us at

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